Name Description Contact Last modified    
dovecot-1.0 Dovecot v1.0.x tree unknown 2012-03-04
dovecot-1.1 Dovecot v1.1.x tree unknown 7 months ago
dovecot-1.2 Dovecot v1.2.x tree unknown 7 months ago
dovecot-2.0 Dovecot v2.0.x tree unknown 7 months ago
dovecot-2.1 Dovecot v2.1.x tree unknown 6 months ago
dovecot-2.2 Dovecot v2.2.x tree unknown 5 days ago
dovecot-antispam-plugin Antispam plugin for Dovecot v2.x unknown 20 months ago
dovecot-metadata-plugin Metadata plugin for Dovecot v2.x unknown 14 months ago
dovecot-sieve-1.0 Dovecot v1.0 Sieve plugin unknown 2011-04-26
dovecot-sieve-1.1 Dovecot v1.1 Sieve plugin unknown 2011-04-26
icecap Icecap Chat Client Protocol unknown 2012-10-03
imaptest IMAP server tester unknown 7 weeks ago
old/dovecot-2.0-urlauth Dovecot v2.0 with Apple's URLAUTH and CATENATE unknown 2011-04-26
old/dovecot-2.2-notify Dovecot UNSTABLE with NOTIFY unknown 2012-08-13
old/dovecot-replication Dovecot replication support unknown 2011-04-26