descriptionAntispam plugin for Dovecot v2.x
last changeMon, 29 Apr 2013 14:59:26 +0200
21 months ago Dennis Schridde Use DOVECOT_PREREQ macro to allow building for dovecot-2.1 default tip
2012-12-20 Eugene Paskevich Made use of new DOVECOT_ABI_VERSION macro.
2012-12-20 Eugene Paskevich Updated code to be compatible with dovecot-2.2 changes.
2012-05-11 Eugene Paskevich Updated buildsys and cleansed
2012-02-26 Eugene Paskevich Renamed copying to copying_via_save.
2010-12-22 Eugene Paskevich Removed unnecessary and even prone to errors mail allocation code.
2010-10-24 Eugene Paskevich Don't let the internal mail tagging slip out to the mail text.
2010-10-15 Eugene Paskevich Explained the mailbox classification order.
2010-10-15 Eugene Paskevich Simplified the mailbox classification process a bit.
2010-09-30 Eugene Paskevich Follow-up the signature_list_append logic fix.
21 months ago 5ebc6aae4d7c default